Building and enriching our community in other ways

While The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is dedicated to its core mission of helping the financially disadvantaged and vulnerable through funding of nonprofits and direct service providers, the Foundation sees value in certain community outreach efforts which extend beyond traditional grantmaking.

Weinberg Library Project

The Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project is a multi-year, collaborative effort to design, build, equip, and staff new or renovated elementary/middle school libraries in high-poverty neighborhoods where many students face academic challenges.

Employee Giving Program

dsc_0110 The Weinberg Foundation’s Employee Giving Program was launched in 2007 as an effort to engage the entire staff in philanthropy and the grantmaking process. Employees, from administrative staff to program directors, recommend a local charity to receive a $10,000 Foundation grant.

Israel Mission and Alumni Scholars Program

dsc00407 For many years, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has been privileged to bring prominent Marylanders to visit the State of Israel.  The objective of this educational trip is to present Israel to our participants so that they can better understand and interpret the complex realities of the Middle East.

The Mission has been specifically designed for serious leaders who are eager to participate in an intense educational and experiential orientation of Israel.  In addition to visiting religious and historical sites, participants have the opportunity to meet with major political and community representatives reflecting Israel’s diverse culture.

Weinberg Fellows Program

fellows_2009 The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Fellows Program selects executive directors of community-based nonprofit agencies, serving the disadvantaged, to take part in a year-long professional development and mentorship program.  The goal is to enhance leadership skills and promote collaboration among the region’s nonprofits ultimately benefitting the many thousands of Maryland residents they serve. 

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