Full grant proposals are submitted to the Weinberg Foundation by the applicant organizations on a rolling basis, approximately one to two months after being invited to submit a proposal.

General Operating Support
General Operating Grants fund the overall operating costs of an organization. A General Operating Grant is not restricted to a specific program. The Weinberg Foundation makes grants to meet basic needs and promote economic security. The Foundation supports direct service organizations with proven track records.

General Operating Support Grant Application

Program Support
Program Support grants are restricted to a specific program within an organization. The Weinberg Foundation makes grants to meet basic needs and promote economic security. The Foundation supports direct service organizations with proven track records.

Program Grant Application

Capital Project
Capital Project Grants support the purchase, construction, or renovation of a building or the purchase of equipment. The Weinberg Foundation’s Charter sets out four primary requirements that must be followed for capital project grants. Putting them into “ordinary English,” they are as follows:

    • The Foundation will provide no more than 30% of the total cost of the capital project. The remaining 70% must be raised from other sources.
      The Foundation will pay a maximum of $5,100,000* in capital grants, in a continuous three-year period, to any single organization. If the Foundation makes a capital grant commitment larger than that amount, the grant must be paid out over time to stay within that limitation.
    • In seeking a capital grant, the recipient organization must demonstrate that it will have sufficient funding to maintain and repair the capital project over time and to support its operations within the capital project.
    • If the Foundation makes a capital grant of at least $420,000*, the capital project must bear the names of Harry and Jeanette Weinberg in a manner to be agreed upon by the Foundation and the recipient organization.

*The amounts listed above are the inflation-adjusted numbers as of March 1, 2012.

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is permanently broadening its geographic focus for capital grants only.

Normally, funding nationally (beyond the Foundation’s “hometowns”) is restricted to grants for Older Adults and Workforce Development. But the Weinberg Foundation is pleased to announce, effective immediately, capital grants throughout the United States and Israel now will be considered in any of our program areas, subject to the Foundation’s other grantmaking criteria. Letters of inquiry (LOI) will be received on a rolling basis.

The Foundation seeks to identify capital projects which meet the following requirements:

  • Specific plans already confirmed for the project, including value-engineered drawings or the equivalent including specific, confirmed, total project costs
  • At least 50% of the funds in signed pledges or cash in hand (a detailed, certified list demonstrating this information will be required as part of the grant application)
  • Services provided through the project must be consistent with the grantmaking criteria outlined by the Foundation for each program area

Please keep in mind that the Weinberg Foundation will support up to 30% of the project cost, but there is no limit on the project size. Also, the Foundation prefers to provide support in the later stages of a capital campaign, after construction costs are fixed and a substantial portion of the funding has been raised. The Weinberg Foundation does not award supplemental grant funding to cover unexpected construction costs.

Again, the Weinberg Foundation will only support quality organizations that meet its priorities and follow its capital grant requirements.  You can learn more about the Weinberg Foundation’s specific program areas by clicking here.  Please note that program and general operating grant opportunities remain restricted to the geographic preference listed for each program area. 

The only buildings owned or operated by the Foundation, and displaying the names of Harry and Jeanette Weinberg, are the Foundation’s offices in Owings Mills, Maryland and Honolulu, Hawaii. All other buildings named for Harry and Jeanette Weinberg – wherever located in the world — are owned and operated by either the recipient organizations that received a Foundation grant or by other third-parties not affiliated with The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.

Capital Project Grant Application

For any program-specific requirements relative to each type of grant (i.e., General Operating, Program, Capital) please visit the appropriate page for each program area.

Please contact Nakia Horton, Gifts Administrator, at 410-654-8500, ext. 254 or nhorton@hjweinberg.org, if you have any questions about the grants application process.





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