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Program Areas

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation administers grants through six primary program areas with unique geographic reach. MSGP (Maryland Small Grants Program) administers smaller, streamlined grants for all program areas.

Meeting a variety of societal needs by providing grants for nonprofit organizations

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Older Adults

Older Adults This is the largest single area of grantmaking by The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. No other American foundation of similar size has emphasized care for poor older adults to the extent demonstrated by the Weinberg Foundation.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development The Weinberg Foundation is committed to helping people to help themselves by obtaining and keeping employment, preferably on a career track. The Foundation supports programs which provide the “life-tools” for clients to lift themselves from poverty into solid self-support.

Basic Human Needs & Health

Basic Human Needs & HealthThe Foundation supports programs that meet the basic needs of individuals, families, and communities. These include programs in the areas of homeless services, economic assistance, food security, and health.


DisabilitiesThe Foundation supports organizations and programs that respect and promote the independence, integration, individual choice, and civil rights of children and adults with intellectual, physical, and sensory disabilities as necessary preconditions for a good life.


Education Children Youth & FamiliesThe Foundation aims to build economic self-sufficiency through child/family development and education, from early childhood through high school graduation, and prepare individuals for success in college or the workplace. This program also seeks to address critical issues including youth homelessness, child abuse, and domestic violence.

General Community Support

General Community SupportFor the Weinberg Foundation, “General Community Support” is a category that includes support of Jewish and community-at-large development efforts such as renovation or construction of affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, and improvement projects in low-income neighborhoods. In addition, organizations focused on adult literacy efforts may also apply through this area.

Maryland Small Grants Program (MSGP)

Maryland Small Grants ProgramThe MSGP supports smaller Maryland nonprofits seeking general operating support, program support, or certain capital requests. The Foundation offers this reminder:  “5/50/50”, a streamlined 5 page proposal and, in most cases, only 50 days for up to $50,000.


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