Maryland Small Grants Program

Maryland Small Grants Program

Started in 2007, the Maryland Small Grants Program (MSGP) helps eligible nonprofits more easily and efficiently apply for grants of up to $50,000 a year for up to two years, with the possibility of renewal.

Maryland grants, made easy

Since its inception, the Maryland Small Grants Program has awarded hundreds of grants totaling more than $12 million. All that is required is a simple proposal no longer than five pages. In most cases, it takes only 50 days to go from “Our application is enclosed” to “Your check is in the mail.”

The Maryland Small Grants Program differs from the Foundation’s standard grantmaking process. There is no deadline for grant requests within the Maryland Small Grants Program and a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is not required. 


The initial maximum award available under the Maryland Small Grants Program is $50,000 per year for up to two years or a total maximum grant of $100,000. At the conclusion of two years of MSGP funding, the nonprofit grantee may apply for a subsequent grant of up to two additional years of funding.

The Maryland Small Grants Program includes all Foundation grantmaking areas: Basic Human Needs & Health; Disabilities; Education, US; General Community Support; Older Adults; and Workforce Development.

Who is eligible?

For consideration in the Maryland Small Grants Program, an applicant must:

  • Be a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status, and in operation for a minimum of three years
  • Have a Maryland budget of less than $3 million (do not include in-kind or pro bono goods/services in this calculation) and complete an external financial review (preferably an audit)
  • Provide direct service to residents of the State of Maryland
  • Meet the Weinberg Foundation’s mission of providing direct services to poor and vulnerable populations
  • Request funds for general operating support, program support, or capital projects 
  • Submit requests that represent no more than 25% of an organization’s total annual operating budget

Maryland Small Grants Program does not have a letter of inquiry stage

In order to submit a Maryland Small Grants application, the applicant is required to speak with the Weinberg Foundation program director responsible for the grant making area to which the proposal refers before applying. This conversation will ensure that the proposal is a fit with Foundation guidelines and goals.

In advance of the conversation, you can also send an email identifying your fit with the program area’s goals and priorities listed on our website, and the applicant’s ability to meet the nonprofit budget and geographic requirements.

If you are unsure of the program director responsible for your area of interest please refer to the list below. 

Program Directors

To Apply for a Maryland Small Grant

Once you have spoken with the appropriate program director, click the button below to apply for your Maryland Small Grant. Applications that do not include answers to each question will not be considered. Also, please number your responses so that they match the application page.


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