The Weinberg Foundation's Employee Giving Program was launched in 2007 as an effort to engage the entire staff in philanthropy and the grantmaking process.

It’s one thing to work for a charitable foundation that distributes millions of dollars in grants annually. It’s quite another to have the opportunity to engage in that giving directly and personally. The Foundation knows of no other philanthropic organization which provides its entire staff with the opportunity to engage directly in the grantmaking process. Here’s how it works.

Foundation employees – not including the trustees or the president – handle every step of the grant evaluation. This includes selection of the grantee, a site visit, collection and review of financials, and preparation of the final grant recommendation. The Foundation’s Board then reviews each recommendation to ensure that the grant is consistent with Foundation grantmaking goals and guidelines. Once approved, employees are able to present their grants directly to the charities during a celebration. In many cases, employee grants reflect personal connections that add to the special nature of this event.

After many years of providing Employee Giving grants of $10,000, in 2013 the Foundation increased these gifts to $20,000. Since the inception of this professional development and mission-focused effort in 2007, Foundation employees have distributed more than $3 million to the local charities that they personally recommended.