Leadership Grants Program

The Foundation is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many studies highlight the persistent lack of racial diversity in leadership in the nonprofit sector and the more limited financial support for organizations led by people of color relative to their peers. To deliver effective programs and services, leadership in the nonprofit sector must reflect the diversity and experiences of the individuals it serves.

The Leadership Grants program supports the development of leaders of color at grantee organizations. With grants of up to $20,000, the Foundation aims to honor and invest in these individuals while also expanding the pipeline of candidates for nonprofit executive leadership opportunities.


For Participants

  • Participants must self-identify as a person of color and be a full-time staff member at the grantee organization.
  • Recognizing that leadership takes many forms, participants are not required to have any specific title or role. If they are not currently a member of the organization’s senior leadership team, they should possess the interest and potential to take on increasing levels of responsibility and leadership. While no minimum years of career experience are required for this grant, it is generally not intended for very junior professionals with fewer than two years of experience.
  • While no minimum length of service at the grantee organization is required before or after receiving a grant, participants should not have a planned or tentative departure date from the organization (except in the case of grant-funded positions or time-limited fellowships).
  • If the professional development opportunity a participant wishes to pursue involves a competitive selection process, the individual must be accepted prior to requesting a leadership grant.

For Their Organization

  • The organization for which a participant works must have an active grant with the Weinberg Foundation or a grant that closed no more than one year ago.
  • Organizations must be based and operating in the United States.
  • Organizations may only have two active Leadership Grants at a time.

Use of the Grant Funding

Participants may use their grant for any leadership development opportunity such as training or certificate programs, executive coaching, fellowships, conferences, or retreats. The opportunity must meet these guidelines:

  • Offered by an established third party with a history of providing such services (self-directed retreats or sabbaticals are not eligible).
  • Time-limited with a specific start and end.
  • Related to nonprofit management, social sector leadership, the specific issue area the grantee serves, or a related topic.
  • Currently underway or expected to start no later than one year after receiving a grant.

If the Foundation approves a Leadership Grant request, it will make payment to the grantee organization, not the individual or the entity providing the professional development opportunity.

How to Apply

Grantee organizations should contact a member of the Foundation’s Program team or grantsintake@hjweinberg.org and provide the following information via email:

  • Name and role of the individual who will participate in the professional development opportunity.
  • Provider of the opportunity (name of the entity and relevant point of contact).
  • Description of the opportunity and how it will help the individual develop as a leader.
  • Anticipated dates of participation.
  • Cost and amount of request.
  • Approval of the organization’s executive director or chief executive officer (if the individual benefiting from the grant is not in that role).

The Foundation will give grants on a case-by-case basis. Applying for or receiving a Leadership Grant will not affect an organization’s current, pending, or future grants.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, or require any additional information regarding the grant process, please contact grantsintake@hjweinberg.org.