1Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

The Weinberg Foundation accepts Letters of Inquiry (LOI) throughout the year. Before submitting an LOI, you should discuss you proposed project with the appropriate member of the Foundation’s program team. The LOI should provide the name of the program team member with whom you have discussed this project.

LOI exceeding three pages will not be considered and will be returned to the applicant. While the Foundation is pleased to provide a Hebrew section on its website, all LOI and grant applications must be in English. Thank you for your understanding.

Please submit your LOI by mail, email, or fax. Please do not submit your LOI using multiple methods. This creates duplication during processing and evaluation. Emailed LOI must also include two electronic signatures. If you cannot provide this in a word document, you may scan the signatures and send as a PDF.

All LOI should be sent to the following:

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Grants Intake Manager
7 Park Center Court
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Fax: 410-654-3943
Email: grantsintake@hjweinberg.org

Note: if you are submitting a Veterans LOI, please copy Amy Kleine, akleine@hjweinberg.org.

Capital Grants

Effective immediately, the Foundation is implementing an online application process for all capital grant requests.

LOI applications will still be accepted on a rolling basis. To find out if you are eligible to apply, click here, and follow the instructions provided. You can save and return to your LOI application at any time. Please note, our capital full grant proposal application process is not online yet, but stay tuned for updates in the coming months!

Operating Grants

Operating grants fund the overall operating costs of an organization. General Operating Support LOI

Program Grants

Program grants fund specific programs within an organization. Program Support LOI

Within 30 days*
The Foundation will confirm receipt of each completed LOI by email (if you provide an email address).

Within 60 days*
Grant applicant will either be invited to submit a full grant proposal or will receive notification that the LOI was declined.

2Full Grant Proposal Due
Within 60 days* from invitation to submittal
The full grant proposal should include a project description and narrative, project and organizational budget, audited financial statements and 990s for the past two fiscal years, annual report, board list, and resumes of key staff. Capital grant requests should also include value engineered plans or a signed building contract, a list of all pledged and pending funding for the capital project, and a capital data sheet.

3Review of Grant Proposal
Within 120 days* of submission

The program staff for each area of giving typically communicates with the grant applicant regarding specific questions. He/she will also secure external opinions about the grant proposal before review by the Foundation’s Program Committee, including the trustees who make the final funding decisions. The program staff will make every effort to keep the applicant informed about the review process.

4Grant Decision Made and Communicated
Within 180 days* of submission
Organizations that receive grant approvals from the Foundation will receive a letter of congratulations which also begins the contract phase of the process. If the award is an operating or program grant without any challenge component, a check will be issued for the first payment approximately one month after the signed contract is received, unless there are other specific requirements. The grantee returns a receipt of payment to the Foundation.

After 1 year
The grantee will submit an annual evaluation report and will continue to respond to the specific requirements of the signed grant agreement.

*Typical time frame, actual grant process may vary

Organizations whose requests are not funded will be notified in writing through the mail. The Foundation does not include its rationale in this letter, but you may call your assigned program team member for additional information.