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Employment provides the best opportunity for personal success and financial security.

Quality training programs that lead to employment enable individuals and families to achieve economic stability.

Geographic Focus Areas

The Foundation supports Jobs capital projects nationally. Program and operating grants are funded primarily in priority communities.


Job Training

The Foundation supports job-training programs that result in industry-recognized credentials, as well as job-placement and retention services. Employers must engage with the training organizations to verify program content and support placement and retention services. Organizations should track job retention and wages for at least two years.

Here are a few examples of appropriate projects:

  • Sector-based training programs in the health care, manufacturing, construction, food service, information technology, biotechnology, manufacturing industries, and more.
  • Life-skills and job-readiness training, including case management and referrals to technical-training programs or direct job placement.
  • Capital costs for job-training centers, including construction or renovation projects or large equipment purchases, that result in an increased number of individuals served in a sector-based training program.
  • Veterans programs that provide job-placement services for military members and their spouses.
Financial Literacy and Economic Stability

The Foundation supports programs that provide people with the financial tools necessary to achieve economic stability.

Here are a few examples of appropriate projects:

  • Financial coaching programs to help participants decrease debt, increase savings, and set long-term financial goals.
  • Free tax preparation for low-wage workers provided by IRS-trained and certified volunteers.
Youth Employment and Career Support

The Foundation supports programs that provide school-based career exploration and work-based learning opportunities for youth.

Here are a few examples of appropriate projects:

  • Hard and soft-skills training to help disconnected youth (neither in school nor working) reconnect with career-pathway opportunities.
  • Paid internships that expose youth to a direct work experience.
  • Summer jobs programs for youth citywide.
  • Customized, community-based employment opportunities for young adults with disabilities who are transitioning from a school environment into the workplace.

…I would say, it definitely saved my life. The program has more things to offer than just the certification. I learned how to be a man, grow up—this is life.

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How to Apply

The Foundation has an online application process for all capital, program, and operating grant requests. To learn more about how to apply, including eligibility, click the link below.

If you have a visual impairment or any difficulty in navigating our grants intake tool, please email We will be pleased to assist you.

Key Initiatives

Wage Record Study for Maryland Grantees

The Weinberg Foundation, along with the Abell Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation, supports the Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative (BWFC) by conducting a wage record study for grantees with the goal of understanding the economic impact of workforce programs. The BWFC contracted with the Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore to conduct analyses of pre- and post-training earnings for participants of foundation-supported workforce development programs in Maryland.

Workforce Leadership Academies

The Foundation is supporting three new Sector Skills Academies in Chicago, New Orleans, and Jersey City. These Academies are co-funded in partnership with JPMorgan Chase Foundation and implemented by the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program.  Academies bring together senior level managers who offer perspectives from key workforce development institutions, agencies, and organizations in their respective cities, for a one-year leadership program.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, or require any additional information regarding the grant process, please contact