Show Us Your Story

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation thanks all of our amazing grantees who submitted videos showcasing your mission and impact. You definitely made us say “wow!”

We are currently featuring select videos on our website (below) and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Judging will begin soon, and the Foundation will promptly notify the 10 organizations that submitted the best of the best. Those videos will be featured at the Weinberg Foundation’s signature community event, and each nonprofit will receive a grant for $2,500!

  • Videos will be reviewed and scored by a panel of expert judges, including video, nonprofit, and communications professionals.
  • The 10 highest-scoring videos will be featured at this year’s Biennial Community Gathering—a celebration of the Foundation’s mission, work, and yearly giving—attended by more than 1,000 community and nonprofit leaders. This event will be held on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, when we will also recognize our panel of judges.
  • The 10 organizations selected* will also each receive a $2,500 grant.

* All Baltimore-based grantees selected for the top ten must attend the event on November 14.


  • Applicants must be current/active grantees of the Foundation.**
  • Current grant must be $25,000 or more.
  • Videos must be 60 seconds in length.
  • Videos can be created, edited, or re-edited from an existing project using any medium/platform, but must be submitted to the Foundation in mp4 (preferred), mov, or AVI format. (Please see additional submission instructions below.)
  • Applicants must include the name of their organization, as well as their geographic location, within their video content.

**Quality and other judging factors being equal, preference will be given to organizations/videos which highlight the geographic diversity of the Weinberg Foundation’s grantmaking.

Video Judging Criteria


Video must be 60 seconds in length. (Of course it’s a challenge! But many organizations are already successfully adopting short-form, video storytelling and messaging, either for web or social media. Even if you’re not already doing it, use this opportunity to give it a try to expand your own communications toolkit!)


Applicants must state the name of their organization and their geographic location as part of their video content—either as a graphic or spoken (e.g. “Hi, we are nonprofit XYZ coming to you from Chicago…” or “Aloha from Honolulu. We are XYZ and we provide…, etc.”) This information does not necessarily have to start your video. You can include it anywhere within the 60 seconds of content, as you deem appropriate.


The Weinberg Foundation will convene an expert panel of judges to score all eligible entries. This panel will include video, nonprofit, and communications professionals, primarily from the Baltimore metro-area.

  • Each entry will be judged on several subjective criteria, including quality, creativity, information, and impact/effectiveness (1-10 scale for each category). Other factors being equal, preference will be given to organizations/videos which highlight the geographic diversity of the Weinberg Foundation’s grantmaking.
  • However, all entries will be judged on their own merits, not compared directly to other entries. For example, even a video shot on a phone and edited with an app will be evaluated on its own merits, not in comparison to a video clearly shot by professionals or with pro equipment. Use of graphics is permitted, but not required (however, those speaking within a given video should be identified either by name or with some context of relationship to the nonprofit (position/role, client, etc.)
  • Your video, your message, your presentation (serious, fun, information-focused, emotional, or a combination) is completely up to you. We have no preference and one style will not be graded more highly than another.

Simply, we are looking for videos, 60 seconds in length, that you would be proud to share on behalf of your organization—videos that will make people say “Wow!”