In partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC), the Weinberg Foundation has committed a total of $12 million to the Yashar matching grants initiative, with the goal of increasing accessibility for campers and staff with disabilities. Recently, in the third round of funding, the Weinberg Foundation provided $2.6 million in capital and program grants serving 13 Jewish camps across the country. This latest round of funding is part of the Foundation’s overall $12 million commitment.

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges across all sectors and communities and has disproportionately impacted vulnerable populations, including people with disabilities. As a result, FJC and the Weinberg Foundation are thrilled that 13 camps throughout the US are prioritizing projects to promote accessibility and inclusion for both campers and staff.

The current initiative—named “Yashar,” the Hebrew word for both “level” and “integrity”—aspires to significantly improve accessibility, providing funds for capital improvements, professional development, staff training, research, and evaluation. Yashar is intended to support a wide range of campers and staff, including individuals with autism spectrum disorder, as well as those with intellectual, developmental, physical, and sensory disabilities.

To learn more, and to see a complete list of the second round of camps, click here.