The Weinberg Foundation, along with the Hawai‘i Community Foundation (HCF), Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, and Hawai‘i Medical Services Association (HMSA), recently launched the Hawai‘i Workforce Funders Collaborative.

The Collaborative is open to all private donors active in Hawai‘i workforce initiatives, and members will work together to ensure that Hawai‘i residents have access to high-quality jobs that strengthen communities, families, and the local economy. The Collaborative focuses on the following priorities:

  • Strengthening public‐private partnerships and systems that diversify the economy
  • Focusing on “Plus 1” jobs that enable a person to take care of themselves plus at least one other person
  • Preparing and connecting local residents for these jobs
  • Increasing employment, earnings, and equity for local residents

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions (National Fund) provided technical assistance and support for the launch of this collaborative, and the Hawai‘i site manager will participate in National Fund network learning calls to exchange promising practices with 31 regional collaboratives across the United States.