This year the Weinberg Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary. 2020 began with excitement, including plans for a very special Biennial Community Gathering in Baltimore, as well as community gatherings in the Foundation’s priority communities of Hawaiʻi and Israel. In addition to marking its anniversary, the Foundation—as always—looked forward to celebrating its grantees and partners. Of course, the world has changed in previously unforeseeable ways.

While we are disappointed that COVID forced the postponement of this year’s event to November 17, 2021, we are pleased to share this video of reflection and gratitude in lieu of our in-person Biennial Community Gathering.

In addition to messages from our President and CEO and Board Chair, the video features uplifting stories from some of our grantees, greetings from staff, as well as a poignant song performed by the Morgan State University Choir—We’re All in the Same Boat. We feel that this song—now more than ever—resonates with the unimaginable year our world has experienced. 

You can also find this video on our YouTube channel, along with a compilation of all of the eligible videos we received from grantees but which time did not allow to be included in the feature video. 

To all of the Foundation’s wonderful grantees, partners, and stakeholders, thank you for an especially great year despite enormous challenges. And thanks to you for taking the time to watch our video. We hope you will enjoy!