The Weinberg Foundation recently approved $3.6 million in Hawai‘i-specific grants supporting the areas of Housing, Health, Jobs, Education, and Community Services. This does not include COVID-19 emergency grants, which are updated regularly on our website.


Good health is essential to help people move and remain out of poverty. Poor physical or mental health can prevent or complicate the pursuit of education, employment, and other opportunities for economic mobility.

Throughout Hawai‘i
$450,000 capital grant to support the Hawai‘i Telehealth Project, an initiative to adopt telehealth technology at five health centers serving rural communities.

Ceeds of Peace
Throughout Hawai‘i
$325,000 program grant to support the Resilient Community Schools Partnership that provides trauma-sensitive practices and wraparound prevention and intervention services for students at six elementary schools in rural communities.  

Responsive Caregivers Hawai‘i
Oahu, HI
$100,000 capital grant to support the purchase of four accessible vans with the goal of increasing community-based learning and independence for individuals with disabilities.


Education can help break the cycle of poverty. Providing at-risk children and youth with academic opportunities helps prepare them for a stable and productive future. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that provide or supplement a high-quality education from kindergarten through high school.

Hamakua Youth Foundation
Hamakua, HI
$100,000 operating grant to support the general operations of this organization, which provides after-school and summer programs that emphasize place-based, multicultural, experiential learning.  

Community Services

The Foundation recognizes that certain service providers operate multiple programs that meet a range of needs and therefore incorporate many of the Foundation’s focus areas. Organizations that provide services bridging the areas of Housing, Health, Jobs, and Education may be eligible for a Community Services grant. The Foundation also is engaged in selected initiatives addressing Jewish poverty on a national scale, as well as strengthening the leadership of nonprofits that will serve the Jewish community moving forward.

Waianae Community Re-Development Corporation
Oahu, HI
$1,750,000 capital grant to support MAʻO Farms’ acquisition of additional land, as well as a new processing facility, that will expand operations and quadruple the number of youth that can participate in the organization’s work-based learning, leadership, post-secondary education, and community health programs.

Partners in Development Foundation
Oahu, HI
$500,000 operating grant to support the Kawailoa Youth and Family Wellness Center partnership—multiple organizations working together to provide youth with cultural connections, housing stability, job-readiness programming, and trauma-informed wraparound services.

Throughout Hawai‘i
$450,000 capital grant to support the purchase of computers, software, and technical assistance for schools, families, and nonprofit organizations working together to advance student well-being.