The National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty, in partnership with the Jewish Funders Network (JFN), continues to address the issue of poverty within the Jewish community throughout the United States.

Most recently, the affinity group held a FedLab conference, where 38 Jewish communities—from all over North America and from cities large and small—developed action plans around poverty.

In Zoom sessions, leaders from the affinity group shared success factors, best practices, and other important information on addressing poverty. Then, in structured, facilitated discussions, working groups consisting of a variety of stakeholders from each of 38 communities mapped out their next steps. Each group discussed their local goals and benchmarks, examined their community’s strengths and weaknesses, explored which/if any “Success Factors” models and best practices would be most applicable to their community, and brainstormed about potential partners and allies to include in their work moving forward.

In addition, the affinity group released a set of six funder briefs highlighting needs in key sectors and providing specific opportunities—both of which have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic—for how donors can help. The briefs, available for download here, summarize the needs and opportunities in addressing food insecurity, housing, jobs, older adults, mental health, and systems.

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