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image1_280x210Monday, March 3, is Read Across America Day, and the Weinberg Foundation and its Baltimore Library Project partners will celebrate all month by collecting new children’s books that will fill the shelves of transformed school libraries. From March 3 - 31, bins will be available at dozens of Baltimore-area businesses, organizations, and schools. Simply place your new children’s books inside the bins! Keep checking the Library Project website, www.baltimorelibraryproject.org, for a listing of this year’s drop-off locations.

We will also be offering a new and improved online book drive! Look for the postcard pictured below in your mailbox very soon. Just scan the QR code with your phone and you will be linked directly to the donation page or visit the Library Project website for online donation instructions. Please also share with others to promote this great opportunity. Every $7 puts a new book on the shelf so just imagine all we can do together!

Located in Baltimore? If you are a business, organization, place of worship, or school and would like to collect new children’s books, email Kate Sorestad at ksorestad@hjweinberg.org to arrange for a collection bin to be sent to you.

Not in Baltimore, but still want to help? Click here to visit the Library Project website. There is something for everyone. Be part of our story and fill the shelves!


What have we learned? New report on Library Project’s first year

image1_280x210 The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has partnered with Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC) to complete a series of reports examining the implementation and over time impact of the Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project (Library Project) on Baltimore City schools. In the first year the report focused on perceptions of the libraries by principals, librarians, teachers, and students.

“We love the library. It is such a focal point for the school. It ties the school together... The library is the heart of the community.” Library Clerk

In future reports, BERC will examine the changes in behaviors and academic achievement measures associated with schools that have received a renovated library. In doing so the goal is to understand the impact a well-equipped, renovated, and well-staffed library has on academic achievement.

Some key findings from this year’s report include:

  • The Weinberg Foundation was extremely successful at creating libraries that were well-resourced, inviting, and attractive spaces. At the end of the first year, all three schools reported very positive experiences with the library. Libraries were perceived by teachers, librarians, and principals to be a highlight and source of pride at each school.
  • Renovations alone are not enough. Knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated library staff is critical in order to impact and improve academic achievement. Creating a well-rounded, highly functional, and effective school library requires both human and physical capital.
  • Principals viewed the new library in their school as having a significant positive impact on school climate. One principal stated that the library could be a “game-changer” for struggling students. This principal expressed the belief that the wealth of books, computer technology, and other media resources can make reading and writing more appealing for students who may be turned off to these subjects or whose skill levels are below grade level.
  • An exciting outcome of this project was an increase in students’ social interaction around reading and writing. For example, at one school students started book clubs. This was possible because of the influx of books provided by the Library Project that allowed for multiple copies of books.

To read the full report click here.


Weinberg Foundation launches $1M Summer Youth Initiative in Baltimore City

image1_280x210 The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation’s 2014 Summer Youth Initiative was created to provide support for high quality summer programs that blend academic learning with enriching activities to increase positive social behavior and academic achievement.

Nonprofits are urged to apply by March 12, 2014 with proposals to support community-based programs. Of specific interest are summer programs that promote STEM, prepare children for kindergarten, improve student literacy and math proficiency, build character, reduce summer learning loss, and have an evaluation component. To learn more click here. To apply, click here.


Hold the date for the Weinberg Foundation Annual Community Gathering!

image1_280x210 Mark your calendars for a celebration of the Weinberg Foundation’s mission, partnerships, and accomplishments of 2014.

This year’s Annual Community Gathering will be held Wednesday, November 12, 2014 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Beth El Congregation, 8101 Park Heights Avenue, Pikesville, Maryland.

Please look for more details and reminders in the months ahead.


More than $16 million in additional new grants announced

Basic Human Needs & Health

The Foundation supports programs that meet the basic needs of individuals, families, and communities. These include programs in the areas of homeless services, economic assistance, food security, and health.

Skid Row Housing Trust
Los Angeles, CA
$500,000 capital grant to support the construction of the Star Apartments, a permanent, supportive housing site and community wellness center for chronically homeless and ill adults.

Cleveland Foodbank, Inc.
Cleveland, OH
$300,000 capital grant to support the construction of an additional cold storage space that will increase this organization’s capacity to store and distribute nutritious, perishable food.

Share Our Strength, Inc.
Washington, DC
$200,000 program grant over two years ($100,000 per year) to support the Maryland No Kid Hungry campaign that aims to increase participation in school breakfast, afterschool, and summer meal programs.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Inc.
Owings Mills, MD
$180,000 program grant over three years ($80,000/$60,000/$40,000) to support the LLS Patient Navigation program that assists low-income blood cancer patients and their family members.

Center for Urban Community Services, Inc.
New York, NY
$80,000 capital grant to support the renovation of an undeveloped space at this organization’s headquarters to expand the Supportive Housing program and the CUCS Training Institute.

Carroll County Food Sunday, Inc.
Westminster, MD
$30,000 Maryland Small Grant over two years ($15,000 per year) to support this organization that distributes food to low-income individuals.


The Foundation supports organizations and programs that respect and promote the independence, integration, individual choice, and civil rights of children and adults with intellectual, physical, and sensory disabilities as necessary preconditions for a good life.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Foundation, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
$8 million capital grant over five years ($1.6 million per year) to support the construction of the Weinberg International Rehabilitation Center, an outpatient facility focusing on children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Stepping Stones Learning Center
Rochester, NY
$500,000 capital grant over two years ($250,000 per year) to support the renovation of a facility that provides an inclusive learning center for children with autism.

Farmington Hills, MI
$120,000 program grant over two years ($60,000 per year) to support this organization’s Independent Living Services program that provides person-centered supports for adults with disabilities living in their own homes.

Holly Community, Inc.
Salisbury, MD
$100,000 Maryland Small Grant over two years ($50,000 per year) to support a technology assistance program for individuals with disabilities.

Education - US

The Weinberg Foundation supports organizations and programs committed to ensuring that children enter kindergarten ready to learn, are equipped for success throughout their learning years, and graduate from high school prepared for college and career. This portfolio includes an emphasis on STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Math) literacy, out-of-school time, early childhood development, and child and family safety.

The Child and Family Network Centers
Alexandria, VA
$450,000 capital grant to support the expansion of a facility that will provide comprehensive preschool and family services for low-income children and families.

Reading Partners
Washington, DC
$250,000 operating grant over two years ($125,000 per year) to support the expansion of this organization that offers volunteer-led literacy tutoring for low-income elementary school children.

Neighborhood House, Inc.
Portland, OR
$225,000 capital grant to support the construction of a children’s center and playground in an affordable housing community that will provide preschool education to low-income children.

Episcopal Community Services of Maryland, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
$150,000 program grant over two years ($75,000 per year) to support the Ark Preschool program that promotes school readiness for homeless children ages three and four.

City Neighbors High School
Baltimore, MD
$140,000 program grant over two years ($90,000/$50,000) to support the Fed Lab project that will teach prototyping and fabricating (materials design and fabrication including metal and plastics) to students who attend City Neighborhood Schools.

Monroe County Youth Employment Service
Tannersville, PA
$70,000 operating grant over two years ($35,000 per year) to support this organization that provides career exploration and employment training for low-income youth between the ages of 14 and 21.

St. Francis Neighborhood Center Corporation
Baltimore, MD
$50,000 Maryland Small Grant over two years ($25,000 per year) to support this organization’s Power Project that provides neighborhood youth with academic intervention, homework help, educational seminars, character development, arts opportunities, and mentoring programs.

Wayne-Pike Adult Literacy Program
Honesdale, PA
$30,000 Maryland Small Grant over two years ($15,000 per year) to support this organization that provides educational programs for older adults who face barriers in obtaining education.

Education - Israel

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds
Municipality of Ma’alot Tarshiha City Hall
Ma’alot-Tarshiha, Israel
$55,000 capital grant to support the renovation and the purchase of new equipment for a municipal early childhood center.*

General Community Support

The United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties
Scranton, PA
$500,000 operating grant over two years ($250,000 per year) to support this organization’s efforts in the areas of early education, out-of-school time programming, and community-based services for older adults.

Older Adults

This is the single largest area of grantmaking by The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. The Foundation remains committed to providing support to older adults to live dignified, meaningful, and engaged lives in the community and to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Easter Seals Greater Washington-Baltimore Region
Baltimore, MD
$1,100,000 capital grant over two years ($800,000/$300,000) to renovate a facility that will provide medical adult day services, transportation, and family caregiver support for older adults with cognitive impairment or chronic physical conditions.

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds
Melabev Community Clubs for the Elderly
Jerusalem, Israel
$800,000 capital grant to support the construction of a day service center for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and age-related dementia.*

Benjamin Rose Institute
Cleveland, OH
$500,000 capital grant to support the construction of a new education and training center that will focus its programs on caregiver support and workforce education for older adults.

Educational Alliance, Inc.
New York, NY
$300,000 program grant over three years ($100,000 per year) to support the continuing expansion of this organization’s Safety Net program and to replicate and share its model of senior services.

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds
Galila-The Northern Galilee Development Foundation
Kiryat Bialik, Israel
$100,000 capital grant to support the renovation of the Elderly Resident Community Center in the Tsur Shalom neighborhood.*

Workforce Development

The Weinberg Foundation is committed to helping people to help themselves by obtaining and keeping employment, preferably on a career track. The Foundation funds programs which provide the “life-tools” for clients to lift themselves from poverty into solid self-support.

Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
$500,000 program grant over two years ($250,000 per year) to support this organization that provides job readiness training and transitional employment opportunities for low-income men and women.

American Friends of Nishmat
New York, NY
$300,000 operating grant over three years ($100,000 per year) to support this organization that works to advance Ethiopian-Israeli women from poverty into mainstream society, by providing them with academic tools, higher education, and life skills.

DC Central Kitchen, Inc.
Washington, DC
$200,000 program grant over two years ($100,000 per year) to support a job training program that helps low-income adults obtain full-time jobs in the food industry through training, social service support, and employment assistance.

Women in Non Traditional Employment Roles
Los Angeles, CA
$160,000 operating grant over two years ($80,000 per year) to support this organization that provides employment training, case management, and job placement services for low-income women.

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds
ITWorks-Empowering People
Netanya, Israel
$80,000 program grant to provide technology and professional development training with the goal of creating long-term employment opportunities for low-income individuals.*

Byte Back
Washington, DC
$60,000 operating grant over two years ($30,000 per year) to support this organization that provides computer training and job search assistance to low-income residents.

Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute
Cleveland, OH
$50,000 operating grant to support a full-service, nonprofit restaurant that provides a culinary education program for inmates and individuals recently released from prison.

Moveable Feast, Inc.
Throughout Maryland
$30,000 capital grant to support the purchase of refrigerated vehicles that will deliver food to severely ill clients.

* All grants with an asterisk are grants paid to P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds with the recommendation, but not requirement, that they be distributed as described.

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