1Speak with Program Team Member

The applicant is required to speak with the program team member for the appropriate geographic area before submitting an SGP application. This conversation will ensure that the proposal fits the Foundation's grantmaking guidelines.

  • Maryland or New York City
    Jonathan Hornstein, Program Associate, Israel and Small Grants
    410-654-8500, ext. 257
  • Northeastern Pennsylvania, Chicago, or San Francisco
    Kate Sorestad, Program Director, Priority Cities
    410-654-8500, ext. 249
2Full Grant Proposal Due
The applicant must complete a proposal no longer than five pages (excluding attachments). Applications that do not include numbered answers to each corresponding question listed below will not be considered.

  1. Name of nonprofit.
  2. Contact information (name, title, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, website, etc.).
  3. Purpose of nonprofit (mission and geographic scope of services).
  4. Purpose of the grant (the specific population served, specific program or agency objectives for the current year, and the unduplicated number of individuals served in the most recent fiscal year).
  5. Percentage of clients that fall below the median income within your geographic area (provide specific numbers and information).
  6. Total amount requested and total number of years requested.
  7. Area of direct service that the grant request falls under: food security; homelessness; health; family safety; economic assistance; education; children, youth & families; workforce development.
  8. Number of years the organization has been in operation (three years of operation is a minimum requirement for grant consideration).
  9. Organization's total annual administrative percentage (provide a percentage and a description of what is included in the percentage).
  10. History, if any, with the Weinberg Foundation (dates and amounts of grants awarded and grant requests declined).
  11. Examples of partnerships and collaborations with other nonprofit organizations.
  12. Recent program evaluation results that demonstrate evidence of the success of your program.
  13. Organization's fiscal year.
  14. Specific information regarding revenue for your organization (foundation grants, government funding, corporate gifts, and individual donations with amounts).
  15. Is this specific proposal under review with any other funders, and if so, which funders and for what amounts?
  16. List any and all subsidiaries and affiliates (both above and below the organization in structure).

Please note, the Executive Director and the Board Chair must sign your application.

Required Attachments:
  • Proof of nonprofit status 501(c)(3).
  • Two most recent audited financial statements; if not audited, please explain.
  • The complete, unedited Form 990 filings for the past two years for which your organization has filed. If a filing was due and not filed, then explain.
  • Three years of revenue and expense budgets: last year, this year, and next year's.
  • Complete program budget if the application is for a specific program and not general operating support.
  • For a capital project, provide budget and vendor's cost estimates. The Foundation may not contribute more than 30 percent of the capital project's total cost.

If you have additional questions, please contact Jonathan Hornstein, Program Associate, Israel and Small Grants, at jhornstein@hjweinberg.org or 410-654-8500, ext. 257.