Foundation Timeline 1990-today


In 2020, the Foundation celebrated 30 years of giving, as well as its relationships with the many wonderful grantees and partners throughout the years whose work supports people experiencing poverty.

We invite you to click on the content below, providing a brief, visual overview of the Foundation’s leadership since 1990, as well as significant organizational milestones.

Foundation Timeline


  • Harry Weinberg dies November 4, 1990.
  • The Foundation as we know it today is created.
  • Foundation total assets are $640 million with an IRS-required distribution of $29,231,956 (today, those numbers have grown to $2.9 billion and more than $130 million respectively).

1990 - 2005

  • More than $920 million in grants approved, including $590 million supporting the Jewish community, $240 million to Maryland organizations, $200 million to Hawaiʻi organizations, and $150 million to support programs and projects in Israel.


  • IRS-required distribution: $33,256,515


  • IRS-required distribution: $37,952,768


  • IRS-required distribution: $44,477,077


  • IRS-required distribution: $46,056,684


  • IRS-required distribution: $49,942,964


  • Construction of Weinberg Baltimore headquarters building.
  • IRS-required distribution: $56,336,568


  • IRS-required distribution: $65,202,722


  • IRS-required distribution: $89,786,256


  • IRS-required distribution: $96,700,943


  • IRS-required distribution: $100,779,213


  • IRS-required distribution: $94,126,997


  • IRS-required distribution: $92,770,587


  • IRS-required distribution: $92,298,565


  • IRS-required distribution: $93,969,766


  • Rachel Garbow Monroe is hired as Chief Operations Officer (COO) (assumes role as President & CEO in 2010).
  • Foundation staff in both Baltimore and Hawaiʻi offices: 41 (including 22 in Baltimore compared to 40 in 2020).
  • Grants budget, including roughly 15 funding categories, is created as well as program team consisting of two program directors (today, program staff has grown to 14).
  • Foundation celebrates distribution of $950 million in charitable giving since 1990 (today, that total has grown to $2.4 billion).
  • First Annual Community Gathering is held with approximately 75 community and nonprofit leaders in attendance (more than 1,000 people attend today’s Community Gatherings)
  • IRS-required distribution: $98,460,198


  • Robert T. Kelly, Jr. becomes a trustee.
  • IRS-required distribution: $104,226,171


  • While the Jewish community of Baltimore began sponsoring the annual Israel Mission in 1981, and the Foundation began funding the annual Israel Mission in 2001, it was not until 2007 that the Foundation began solely running and leading the Mission.
  • Foundation hosts Baltimore’s first Employee Giving Program.
  • Foundation launches the Small Grants Program (initially the Maryland Small Grants Program), which provides up to $100,000 over two years to small, qualifying nonprofits.
  • IRS-required distribution: $113,429,613



  • IRS-required distribution: $97,625,539


  • Rachel Garbow Monroe assumes role as President & CEO.
  • Foundation staff in both Baltimore and Hawaiʻi offices: 36 (including 19 in Baltimore).
  • IRS-required distribution: $95,947, 274


  • Nearly 30 people participate in Foundation’s first Israel Mission Alumni trip. Several former Mission participants accept the invitation to return to Israel, many bringing a guest, largely at their own expense.
  • IRS-required distribution: $98,899,051


  • Library Project is officially launched, with Foundation committing $10 million to this multi-year, collaborative effort to build or transform up to 24 Baltimore City Public School libraries in selected elementary and middle schools where existing funds can be leveraged.
  • IRS-required distribution: $98,749,250


  • IRS-required distribution: $98,964,847


  • Internal investment team is launched and begins all asset management. Team initially employs a chief investment officer (CIO) and managing director of investments.
  • IRS-required distribution: $95,530,819


  • Foundation staff in both Baltimore and Hawaiʻi offices grows to 46 (including 29 in Baltimore).
  • External investment professionals are added for the first time to serve on the Investment Advisory Committee (IAC), providing additional expertise in real estate and investment management.
  • In addition to national funding, grants are focused primarily within four geographic areas: Baltimore, Hawaiʻi, Northeastern Pennsylvania, and Israel and include more than 40 funding categories (blending populations served and issues).
  • IRS-required distribution: $99,242,009


  • Ambassador Fay Hartog-Levin (Ret.) becomes first trustee chosen by the current board rather than being named in the Foundation’s charter, which was authored by Harry Weinberg before his death in 1990.
  • IRS-required distribution: $103,507,427


  • The Weinberg Foundation joins $12 million partnership to expand the Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors (HUBS) program, an initiative that enables older adult homeowners in Baltimore City to remain independent by providing home modifications and repairs, as well as wraparound services.
  • IRS-required distribution: $102,809,887


  • Seven areas of giving, and more than 40 funding categories (blending populations and issues) are consolidated into five core focus areas: Housing, Health, Jobs, Education, and Community Services. These focus areas include a total of 14 clear and distinct funding priorities—advancing the goal of being more strategic and data-driven.
  • Geographic focus includes seven priority communities: Baltimore, Chicago, Hawaiʻi, Israel, New York City, Northeastern Pennsylvania, and San Francisco, as well as rural communities within proximity to priority communities. Foundation funding extends to the greater metropolitan areas of the specific cities listed. The Foundation administers the majority of its funding within these communities.
  • Foundation decides to host major events such as the Community Gathering every two years, rather than every year, with the goal of dedicating more funds to grants rather than expenses.
  • Paula B. Pretlow becomes a trustee.
  • Gordon Berlin becomes a trustee.
  • IRS-required distribution: $137,349,969


  • Nimrod Goor is named as the Foundation’s first ever Israeli trustee.
  • Foundation staff, including both Baltimore and Hawaiʻi offices, grows to 56 (compared to a total of 22 in 2005).
  • Foundation hosts National Convening on Jewish Poverty.
  • IRS-required distribution: $136,048,488


  • Foundation staff in both Baltimore and Hawaiʻi offices grows to 57 (including 40 in Baltimore compared to 22 in 2005).
  • Foundation issues statement supporting national calls to move forward together in pursuit of racial justice and equity.
  • Foundation commits $10.5 million to COVID-19 emergency funding within all of its priority communities.