A statement from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Our hearts are heavy. We are profoundly sad, sharing the acute pain being felt by all caring Americans and mostly by those who have suffered historical racism solely because of the color of their skin. During this time of tragedy and heartbreak that puts a spotlight on the harsh realities that our country must confront, the Weinberg Foundation stands with calls to move forward together through peaceful protest in pursuit of justice, healing, and the action demanded to achieve meaningful and transformational change.

We believe. Black lives matter. The Foundation strives to address systemic injustices that are the result of social, economic, health, and housing inequities. It is why we have always targeted our efforts to supporting the most vulnerable in our communities. We also believe in fulfilling the obligations expressed by the Hebrew phrase tikkun olam, translated as ‘repairing the world.’ We advance that mission by supporting place-based, direct-service nonprofit organizations in designated priority communities that are committed to meeting the basic needs of people experiencing poverty.

What can we do? We will continue to work with community-based organizations to advance the work that the Foundation funds in housing, health, jobs, and education. We will continue to partner with effective community-based organizations, especially seeking out those that are led by people of color in the communities where the Foundation works. We will continue to require grantees to demonstrate how they are making a commitment to advancing racial equity in their work to make our efforts all the more appropriate and effective.

We are a nation in pain. We acknowledge that some are hurting more than others, for no other reason than they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. At the Weinberg Foundation we see you, we hear you, we stand with you, and we will work with you to do our part to make meaningful and lasting change. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Freddie Gray are our brothers and each represents countless other people of color throughout the United States who deserve our love and protection, now!

We will listen. If you have a specific suggestion, please fill out the form below, “Tell Us What You Think.” We can’t promise that we will do everything suggested, but we promise that we will listen and do our best.

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