Nimrod Goor


Nimrod Goor began his term as a trustee of the Weinberg Foundation in July 2019. Goor is a founding partner at Helios Energy Investments, Israel’s largest private equity fund specializing in renewable energy power generation, with more than $1 billion of investments in solar PV, wind, waste to energy power generation and energy storage in Europe and Israel.  

Prior to Helios, he was a partner at Precede Technologies, a seed stage technology investment firm investing in the cleantech sector. Goor has held multiple managerial positions in various technology and aerospace companies in the United States and Israel, including Model N, MedSim, and Banner Aerospace.  

Goor is engaged in various nonprofits in the United States and Israel, including the San Francisco Federation, AIPAC, Hausner Jewish Community Day School in Palo Alto, Calif., and the Gvanim Association in Sderot, Israel. He currently serves as a board member at the Shalom Hartman Institute. 

Goor spent seven years in the Israeli Air Force as a combat pilot. He holds a Bachelor of Science in engineering from Tel Aviv University and California Coast University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University. He is a graduate of the Wexner Heritage Program.