Foundation employees present $400,000 in grants

At the close of 2022, the Foundation hosted the Malia Silva-Duarte Employee Giving Program in Hawai’i. This biennial program, recently renamed in honor of a beloved former colleague, gives staff the opportunity to direct a $20,000 grant to a local nonprofit that aligns with the mission of the Weinberg Foundation.

The program, which involves all staff members except the president and chief executive officer, began over 20 years ago in Hawai’i. Each employee, regardless of role at the Foundation, handles every step of the grantmaking process. This includes selection of the grantee, a site visit, collection and review of financials, and preparation of the final grant recommendation. Grants must be consistent with Foundation priorities and guidelines.

To learn more about the grant recipients, visit the links below, which include short messages from each employee and grantee:

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