The Weinberg Foundation today hosts its 12th Employee Giving Program. Started in the Foundation’s Hawaiʿi office more than 20 years ago, this grant program gives every employee of the Foundation, from the Receptionist to the Chief Investment Officer, including all administrative and professional staff (all except the President and CEO), the opportunity to make a $20,000 grant recommendation to a nonprofit in Baltimore that meets the mission of the Weinberg Foundation. The Foundation will give more than $125 million in grants this year to nonprofits dedicated to meeting the basic needs of vulnerable individuals and families experiencing poverty. Grants focus on supporting organizations in the areas of Housing, Health, Jobs, Education, and Community Services.

Each employee, regardless of their job title and their daily role at the Foundation, handles every step of the grant recommendation. This includes selection of the grantee, a site visit, collection and review of financials, and preparation of the final grant recommendation. The Foundation’s President and CEO reviews each recommendation to ensure that the grant is consistent with Foundation grantmaking goals and guidelines and shares the summary list with the Foundation’s Board of Directors for formal approval.

Today’s event marks the largest single distribution in grants at an Employee Giving Program in the 12 years the program has taken place. During the course of a sometimes emotional lunch gathering, 33 employees will each present a check for $20,000 to a Maryland nonprofit of their choice—a total of $660,000 awarded in a single day. More than $3 million has been distributed since the inception of this professional development and mission-focused initiative.

“This is always a very special day for the Foundation,” said Rachel Garbow Monroe, Weinberg Foundation President and CEO. “The grants our employees make never fail to reveal deep, personal stories of challenges and triumphs. Monroe added, “The fact that our Employee Giving distribution continues to grow with each event, and giving new employees the opportunity to share in this process, only makes the day more meaningful.”

“I have attended the Foundation’s Employee Giving Program twice before and seen firsthand the overwhelming emotion this day brings. This year is my second time recommending a grant of my own,” said Angie Winston, Weinberg Foundation Custodian and Maintenance Assistant. “I am thankful to be given the chance to support an organization like Adelante Latina, which works to help students improve school performance through tutoring, summer internships, and assistance with college admissions. As a foster care provider, programs that serve vulnerable kids are especially important to me.”

“The Employee Giving Program provides a chance to participate in the grantmaking side of the Foundation that I don’t get to experience on a regular basis as a member of the Foundation’s Finance team,” said Frank Jarrell, Weinberg Foundation Accounting Manager. “The organization that I am supporting is CityWide Youth Development. As a former police officer in Baltimore, I am particularly interested in programs that provide opportunities for at-risk youth living in the City.”

During today’s event, each nonprofit receiving a grant will speak about the important work their organization is contributing to their community.

Here are this year’s grantees:

  1. A Revolutionary Summer
    Suzann Wilson, Executive Assistant
    to support an intensive critical reading and writing program with the goal of shifting harmful narratives about black women and girls, through both the study and creation of art and the deliberate application of self-inquiry
  2. Adelante Latina

    Angie Winston, Custodian/Maintenance Assistant
    to support the general operations of this organization that seeks to help students improve school performance through a variety of services, including tutoring, cultural experiences, summer internships, and assistance with college admission
  3. Adoptions Together

    Quiona Turner, Program Assistant
    to support this organization’s Domestic Infant Adoption and AdoptionWorks programs, which work to find permanent families for infants with significant medical challenges and prevent the “aging out” of older youth from foster care
  4. Arundel House of Hope
    Anne Arundel County

    Yvonne Sporrer, Events and Special Project Manager
    to support the general operations of this organization that serves the homeless through urgent assistance, including shelter, food, and clothing, as well as transitional and permanent housing and workforce development
  5. Asylee Women Enterprise

    Darius Graham, Program Director, Baltimore
    to support the general operations of this organization, which provides comprehensive services related to housing, health, and economic stability for women and families who are seeking asylum
  6. The Baltimore Station
    Jonathan Hook, Chief Investment Officer
    to support the general operations of this organization that provides housing and other services to homeless veterans and those who struggle with substance abuse disorders, as well as behavioral and mental health challenges
  7. Beyond The Natural Foundation

    Jennifer Finch, Executive Assistant
    to support the general operations of this organization, which seeks to expose young people to music industry careers through out-of-school time education and performance that also emphasizes exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  8. CASA de Maryland

    Marci Hunn, Program Director, Jobs
    to support the general operations of this organization’s new Regional Education and Training Center, which will provide essential programs and services to immigrant and refugee communities
  9. Christ Child Society of Baltimore

    Caleb Bowers, Program Assistant
    to support the expansion of this organization’s “Book Buddies” program, which serves second grade students at three elementary schools
  10. CityWide Youth Development

    Frank Jarrell, Accounting Manager
    to support this organization’s EMAGE (Entrepreneurs Making and Growing Enterprise) program, which prepares and empowers young adults ages 14-24 for career opportunities
  11. Coldstream Homestead Montebello Community Corporation (CHMCC)

    Earl Millett, Program Officer, Health
    to support this organization’s neighborhood redevelopment, cleaning, and jobs program, which works in partnership with the City’s Department of Public Works to create a year-round partnership to clean the Tivoly area in preparation for development while providing job training
  12. Dent Education

    Jonathan Hornstein, Program Associate, Israel and Jewish Community, US
    to support the general operations of this organization, which provides out-of-school time programs for high school youth focused on design thinking and entrepreneurship
  13. Drink at the Well

    Erin McManus, Grants Assistant
    to support the general operations of this organization, which offers life-development and mentorship programs for women who have experienced trauma, trafficking, generational poverty, addiction, crime, and abuse and helps them find a way to discover their identity, purpose, and value
  14. Enterprise Homes

    Craig Mellendick, Chief Financial Officer
    to support the general operations of this organization, which provides resident services for more than 100 properties and 12,000 units of housing for vulnerable individuals and families
  15. Family and Children’s Services
    Carroll County
    Arlene Cox, Chief of Staff
    to support the general operations of this organization’s Family Support Center that provides an array of services, including integrated mental health, intensive case management, and housing
  16. Fund for Educational Excellence

    Rachel Duden, Program Officer, Education
    to support the Heart of the Schools Fund, a program that allows principals to apply for funds for special projects at their City Schools
  17. Greater Baltimore Urban League

    Leisel Harry, Program Associate, Education
    to support the Saturday Leadership program, which works to develop community leaders with positive cultural identities by providing students with the skills and experiences necessary for college and career
  18. Holistic Life Foundation

    Megan Franey, Communications Specialist
    to support the Bridging Academics and the Mind (BAM) program and Holistic Me after-school program, both of which combine yoga, mindfulness meditation, and self-care practices to help students in elementary schools with conflict resolution, concentration, anger management, and stress reduction
  19. Homeless Persons Representation Project

    Kate Sorestad, Program Director, Priority Communities
    to support the Veterans Legal Assistance Project (VLAP), which works to eliminate barriers to employment, housing, and other supports for veterans who are homeless or at risk for homelessness
  20. Improving Education

    Nakia Horton, Manager of Administration
    to support the Bedtime in a Box program, which provides parents with the materials and training needed to foster bedtime routine and healthy habits with the goal of preparing children for school
  21. Itineris Foundation

    Brian Clark, Investment Manager
    to support a comprehensive program, which provides life-building and goal-reaching services for people impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  22. Jewish Teen Advancement Program

    Miriam Retter, Senior Financial Analyst
    to support an out-of-school time program for Jewish young women, primarily from Haredi backgrounds, struggling with a range of issues, including self-esteem/anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, self-harm, and others
  23. Job Opportunities Task Force

    Jack Meeker, Facilities & IT Manager
    to support Project JumpStart, a construction-training program for residents with a high school diploma or GED
  24. Kennedy Krieger High School
    Throughout Maryland

    Jen Banks, Graphic/Web Design Coordinator
    to support a work-based learning program serving students, grades 9-12, with a wide range of disabilities
  25. LifeStyles
    Southern Maryland

    Aaron Merki, Managing Director, Programs and Grants
    to support the general operations of this organization, which provides a range of emergency and transitional housing services for homeless individuals and families in rural communities
  26. MissionFit

    Amy Kleine, Senior Program Director
    to support the general operations of this organization, which provides free fitness programs for youth ages 11-24
  27. National Kidney Foundation of Maryland
    Throughout Maryland

    Chrissy Laumann, Grants Manager
    to support the general operations of this organization, which conducts programs in research, professional education, patient and community services, public education, and organ donation
  28. Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area
    Throughout Maryland

    Geoff Abrahams, Investment Analyst
    to support the general operations of this organization, which provides programs and services to improve the quality of life for those facing Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers
  29. Project Pneuma

    Rafi Rone, Program Director, Israel and Jewish Community, US
    to support the general operations of this organization, an out-of-school time program, which works to teach young men the art of forgiveness, self-control, and discipline
  30. The Royal Theater and Community Heritage Corporation

    Kyle McNair, Controller
    to support this organization’s mentoring program and Historic Focus Garden, both of which serve young people by providing a safe, relaxing environment to hear jazz performers and learn about local entertainers and activists
  31. Scripps Howard Foundation of Cincinnati

    Craig Demchak, Director of Communications
    to support the 2019 “If You Give a Child a Book” campaign that places books exclusively in Baltimore City Public Schools libraries, including libraries at schools that are part of the Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project
  32. ShareBaby

    David Gilmore, Managing Director of Investments
    to support the general operations of this organization, which distributes diapers, clothing, and other essential items for children, birth to age five, to community organizations
  33. Sunflower Bakery

    Kallie Wasserman, Executive Assistant, Investments
    to support the general operations of this organization, which provides job training and employment in pastry arts and other bakery services for young adults with learning differences