More than $1.2 million in recent Hawaiʻi grants announced


Good health is essential to help people move and remain out of poverty. Poor physical or mental health can prevent or complicate the pursuit of education, employment, and other opportunities for economic mobility.

Hawai’i Appleseed Center for Law & Economic Justice
Throughout Hawai’i
$50,000 program grant to support the evaluation of sustainably funding a “food as medicine” model in Hawai’i that will inform the Foundation’s rural strategic grantmaking and open new opportunities to increase federal funding for healthy food access.

Hawai’i Community Foundation
Throughout Hawai’i
$50,000 program grant to support the Student Health and Wellness Fund, which will provide private matching funds to leverage a sustainable federal funding stream for vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses for youth in rural communities.

Community Services

The Foundation recognizes that certain service providers operate multiple programs that meet a range of needs and therefore incorporate many of the Foundation’s focus areas. Organizations that provide services bridging the areas of Housing, Health, Jobs, and Education may be eligible for a Community Services grant. The Foundation also is engaged in selected initiatives addressing Jewish poverty on a national scale, as well as strengthening the leadership of nonprofits that will serve the Jewish community moving forward.

Hawai’i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations
Throughout Hawai’i
$25,000 program grant to support a cohort leadership program for emerging nonprofit executives, which will focus on collaboration, equity and justice, and financial management.

Throughout Hawai’i
$200,000 program grant to support the implementation of the Hawai’i Green Jobs program, a paid work-based learning program in environmental conservation, with the private matching funds necessary to leverage $5 million in federal relief funding.

Waianae Community Re-Development Corporation
Waianae, HI
$1,000,000 program grant to support college and career preparation, as well as work-based learning opportunities for youth, and to improve health and food security outcomes for the broader community.

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