The Foundation is growing in every way, including staffing and more funding to nonprofits

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is one of the largest private charitable foundations in the United States. However, the Foundation’s roots are quite modest. Staff size, for example, has always been comparatively small especially when looking at other foundations of similar asset size. This contrast has presented unique opportunities and challenges: to be responsive, but thoughtful; far-reaching, but accessible; impactful, but humble and kind.

In recent years, following the creation of the Foundation’s investment office in 2014—including the development of a team dedicated to managing the Foundation’s real estate holdings in Hawai’i—the Foundation’s assets have grown significantly. Increased assets provide the means for increased grantmaking, which in turn requires more skilled professionals to properly administer and manage the additional grants. Here is how all of this has played out at the Weinberg Foundation within a span of just five years.

In 2017, the Foundation’s assets totaled approximately $2.5 billion, which allowed just over $100 million in annual grants activity. That same year, the Foundation’s staffing in both its Baltimore and Hawai’i offices totaled 45. This year, in 2022, the Foundation’s assets total approximately $3.3 billion, which will allow roughly $140 million in grants activity. Staffing in 2022 has grown to 61—still quite modest, but vital to the Foundation’s continuing commitment to best practices and operational excellence.

One of our newest staff additions is in Hawai’i! The Foundation is excited to welcome a new program officer to the Hawai’i team. Kelly Miyamura will join Marisa Hayase and Xan Avendaño on the program team, effective April 4, 2022. Kelly brings a passion for serving communities throughout Hawai’i nei and depth and breadth of experience in developing policies and programs that support students and families from elementary school through higher education and careers. In March of last year, the Hawai’i office also welcomed Marcy Konno, Grants Assistant. Several professionals have also joined the Foundation in the Baltimore office over the past two years:

  • Kahshan Forde, Office Assistant
  • Alanah Shelton, Executive Assistant
  • Katie Mazer, Senior Program Officer
  • Zakia Wright, Human Resources Coordinator/Executive Assistant to the COO
  • Oreoluwa Adeniji, Investment Operations Analyst
  • Jessica Harris, Executive Assistant, Investments

The Foundation celebrates its growth, in several ways, as further opportunity to support nonprofits that provide direct services to people experiencing poverty.

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