Dear Partners,

Like you, we have been closely monitoring recent news related to the spread of COVID-19. The developments of the past week have far surpassed what most of us could have imagined only a couple of weeks ago, with the virus impacting travel, commerce, education, government operations, as well as the critical work of human service providers throughout the United States and world.  We understand that, over the coming weeks, the services that many of you provide may become increasingly important should individuals and families become cut off from resources provided by schools, places of worship, and other institutions as the result of self-quarantine, isolation, closures and other factors.  At the same time, we also understand that your staff and resources may be stretched thin as you rise to meet this challenge.

First, we send this message to reaffirm the Foundation’s commitment to you and your work.  We also want to express that, as you find yourselves and your organizations facing myriad challenges over the coming weeks, the Foundation will be as flexible as possible as we all navigate this uncharted territory. 

Specifically, and until further notice, the Foundation will enact the following supportive measures:

  • Extend or reschedule reporting requirements and meetings.  We understand that time spent preparing reports, planning for site visits, and meeting with Foundation staff may distract from your ability to provide critical services at this time.  Please contact us to reschedule or extend reporting deadlines and meetings as necessary.
  • Flexibility concerning benchmarks. We understand that certain goals (e.g. the number of people provided with services) may not be met as a result of coronavirus’s impact on either your staff or the individuals you serve.  Foundation staff will work with each of our partners to amend grant benchmarks that cannot be met as a result of this crisis. 
  • Funding commitments. Please be assured that the Foundation’s present grant commitments will not be affected by recent stock market volatility.

In sum, while the situation is rapidly evolving, we are committed to working with each of you in order to provide the maximum flexibility and peace of mind necessary to meet the challenge of the present moment.

Again, if we can be supportive during this time, please do not hesitate to contact your program officer to ask for guidance or assistance.  On behalf of everyone at the Weinberg Foundation, including our Trustees and staff in Baltimore and Honolulu, thank you for the important work you do each and every day to improve the lives of so many.


Rachel Garbow Monroe, President and Chief Executive Officer
Aaron Merki, Managing Director, Programs and Grants, E:   P: 443-738-1189
Amy Kleine, Senior Program Director, E:   P: 443-738-1162
Rafi Rone, Program Director, Israel & Jewish Community, US, E:   P: 410-413-6047
Kevin Loeb, Program Director, E:   P: 410-413-6063
Marisa Hayase, Program Director, Hawaii, E:   P: 808-983-7133
Marci Hunn, Program Director, Jobs, E:   P: 443-738-1184
Elvis Guzman, Program Officer, E:   P: 443-738-1196
Anne Allen, Program Officer, E:   P: 443-738-1183
Earl Millett, Program Officer– Health, E:   P: 443-738-1155
Jon Hornstein, Program Officer, Israel and Jewish Community, US, E:   P: 410-413-6057
Rachel Duden, Program Officer, Education, US, E:   P: 443-738-1180
Leisel Harry, Program Associate, Education, US, E:   P: 443-738-1160
Xan Avendaño, Program Associate, E:   P: 808-983-7130