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It’s easier to donate to the Library Project Book Drive than ever before!
March 8, 2017
Weinberg Foundation Announces $1 Million in Grants as Part of $3 Million Summer Funding Collaborative
April 18, 2017

Baltimore Library Project Book Drive Raises More Than $22,000

The Weinberg Foundation is excited to announce the results of the 6th annual community-wide Book Drive in support of the Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project.

A record amount of more than $22,000 was collected through online and cash donations that will be used to purchase nearly 3,000 brand new, hardcover children’s books for this year’s soon-to-be renovated school library at Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School, the 14th renovated library to date. The Weinberg Foundation has committed $10 million, of the total $30 million project investment, to build or transform up to 24 Baltimore City Public School libraries in an effort to strengthen academic achievement among students.

The grand total of Book Drive donations includes nearly $3,400 collected as part of this year’s Penny Challenge celebrated at a live Count-Off event. Each year, students at current Library Project schools “pay it forward” by collecting pennies and other cash donations, which are used to purchase books at that year’s new libraries. Nine schools participated this year including the winner—Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School—where students collected more than $1,100.

To learn more about this year’s Book Drive, click here.