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Weinberg Foundation Announces $700,000 in Emergency Grants to Nonprofits in Israel

Weinberg Foundation Announces $700,000 in Emergency Grants to Nonprofits in IsraelThe Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation announced today that it will donate $700,000 to support many of its active grantees that have provided crucial social services to those affected by rocket attacks on cities in Israel.

After consulting with nonprofits in Israel as well as partner organizations, the Weinberg Foundation will reimburse emergency-related costs including daily relocation of vulnerable populations as well as funding for counseling and other support services to older adults, people with disabilities, and youth-at-risk.

In just the past three years, the Foundation – as part of its regular grantmaking process – has approved $38 million in funding for direct service providers in Israel. The Weinberg Foundation has a history of supporting Israel in times of crisis as well, most recently with $500,000 in emergency grants to nonprofits in Israel during and immediately after the 2012 missile attacks from Gaza, as well as a $5 million grant to provide humanitarian and social services in the North of Israel during the 2006 conflict with Lebanon.

All Weinberg Foundation funding to Israel will reimburse relief efforts. No money will be used for military or political purposes of any kind.

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