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Who We Are

A legacy of caring. A leader in nonprofit grants.

Our Mission

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, one of the 50 largest private charitable foundations in the United States, is dedicated to meeting the basic needs of people experiencing poverty. In 2019, the Foundation will provide approximately $125 million in grants to nonprofits, primarily in the US and Israel, that provide direct services in the areas of Housing, Health, Jobs, Education, and Community Services. Grants focus on supporting organizations that serve specific populations, including older adults, women and children at risk, people with disabilities, and veterans, as well as the Jewish community.

The Foundation administers the majority of its funding in its priority communities: Baltimore, Chicago, Hawaiʻi, Israel, New York City, Northeastern Pennsylvania, San Francisco, and Rural Communities (primarily surrounding other priority communities). These areas are hometowns representing personal ties to the life and legacy of Harry Weinberg, as well as cities where Weinberg Foundation trustees reside and provide leadership. Since 1980, the Foundation has distributed grants totaling more than $2.2 billion.

Commitment to the Jewish Community

In the late 1930s, Harry Weinberg pledged his then-modest assets to enable many German Jews to reach safe haven in America. As Harry’s means increased over many years, so did his support of Jews in need. This commitment remains at the core of the Weinberg Foundation’s identity.

The Foundation supports organizations that serve low-income and vulnerable Jews in its priority communities, both within the United States and in Israel (for more on Weinberg’s grantmaking in Israel, please click here). Grants to support the Jewish community align with the Foundation’s strategic priorities within Housing, Health, Jobs, Education, and Community Services. The Foundation also is engaged in selected initiatives addressing Jewish poverty on a national scale, as well as strengthening the leadership of nonprofits that will serve the Jewish community moving forward.

Over the past two decades, the Foundation has provided $24 million to organizations serving Holocaust survivors throughout North America. In addition, the Foundation has a long history of grants to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), serving isolated older adults, at-risk families, and vulnerable children worldwide.

The Foundation is also the largest single contributor to The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore and provides one of the largest single annual campaign gifts to any Jewish Federation in North America. Through The Associated, the Foundation also provides emergency assistance in Israel, directed by the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA).

There are eight levels of charity. The highest is helping a man to help himself.

שמונה דרגות לצדקה יש והרמה העליונה היא לעזור לזולת להגיע לעצמאות.

– Maimonides


Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Wedding Photo

Like most immigrants coming to the United States in the early 1900s, Harry Weinberg’s family arrived with little more than hope and a willingness to work hard. Beyond their many challenges, they saw opportunity.

Harry was gifted with a keen business mind and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite leaving school at age 12, Harry built a career that turned one successful investment into another, often seeing value where others did not. In the 1950s and 1960s, he owned bus lines in several cities, including Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Again seeing opportunity, and before many others recognized the eventual value of real estate in Hawaiʻi, Harry began purchasing properties throughout the Hawaiian Islands. At the time of his death, Harry Weinberg was the largest single real estate investor in Hawaiʻi.

However, Harry never forgot his humble roots. In 1959, he created The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation to help the poor and vulnerable. Harry Weinberg died in 1990, a year after his beloved wife, Jeanette, passed away. Today, the fortune that Harry amassed has grown to $2.6 billion—the assets that make possible the Weinberg Foundation’s grantmaking.

Trustees and Staff


Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Program Team
  • Rafi Rone Program Director, Israel and Jewish Community, US
Geoffrey Abrahams
Geoffrey AbrahamsInvestment Analyst
Brian Clark
Brian ClarkInvestment Manager
David Gilmore
David GilmoreManaging Director of Investments
Kallie Wasserman
Kallie WassermanExecutive Assistant, Investments
Accounting / Finance
Frank Jarrell
Frank JarrellAccounting Manager
Kyle McNair
Kyle McNairController
Miriam Retter
Miriam RetterSenior Financial Analyst
Media / Communications
Jen Banks
Jen BanksGraphic/Web Design Coordinator
Megan Franey
Megan FraneyCommunications Specialist
Yvonne Sporrer
Yvonne SporrerEvents and Special Project Manager
Caleb Bowers
Caleb BowersProgram Assistant
Jennifer Finch
Jennifer FinchExecutive Assistant
Nakia Horton
Nakia HortonManager of Administration
Rami Kennedy
Rami KennedySenior IT System & Facilities Administrator
Christina Laumann
Christina LaumannGrants Manager
Erin McManus
Erin McManusGrants Assistant
Jack Meeker
Jack MeekerFacilities & IT Manager
Quiona Turner
Quiona TurnerProgram Assistant
Suzann Wilson
Suzann WilsonExecutive Assistant
Angie Winston
Angie WinstonCustodian / Maintenance Assistant
Hawaiʻi Office
Xan AvendañoProgram Associate
Ryan GilbertSenior Asset Manager
Marisa Castuera HayaseProgram Director
Kirk Horiuchi
Kirk HoriuchiDirector, Asset Management
Dennis IwasakaOuter Island Manager
Leanne Kaichi
Leanne KaichiAccountant
Brad Kaiwi
Brad KaiwiAccounting Supervisor
Kelly MansonSenior Investment and Operations Analyst
Mark Miyaki
Mark MiyakiAccounting Supervisor
Ernestine Murata
Ernestine MurataLease Administrator
Michelle Reece
Michelle ReeceAccounting Supervisor
Malia Silva-Duarte
Malia Silva-DuarteAccounting Manager
Gemma Tacazon
Gemma TacazonAccountant
Sid Tsutsui
Sid TsutsuiController
Beverly Uemura
Beverly UemuraAccountant
Kara Yamada
Kara YamadaOffice Manager
Kathie Yamashiro
Kathie YamashiroAccounting Manager


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